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NoGapPromo. Ski Resort promotion strategy

official_skiru, Лента автора 27 Февраля 2016 (16:18) Просмотров: 155 0

5 native steps to attract skiing community


SKI.RU is most popular ski/snowboard/resorts portal in Russian Internet. Our main feature — live and interactive community and actual User Generated Content.

Now we proposing a new promotion instrument for ski resorts and destinations — NoGapPromo. 

We all know that the best promotion is a detailed and personal information from our acquaintances who shared their own experience. Buzz marketing is the best and the most effective way to promote a product or a service.

People that like to be pioneers in consumption, that try new things and always are ready to share their experience are called «opinion makers» or Reviewers. In 15 years SKI.RU united at least 2.5 millions of skiers and snowboarders — the core audience of active Reviewers who became deep experts in active leisure industry and are opinion makers among our community. We estimate that about 3000 such opinion makers ride everywhere and bring a lot of useful information to the audience of SKI.RU. All of them are trusted, popular, and highly demanded.

Therefore, we created the NoGapPromo  concept. We suggest to remove the gap between product (here — ski resort) and potential customer.
Usually this gap is filled by PR agencies, journalists, and all kinds of advertising. But the most direct way to move your product close to a customer and get results — is buzz marketing. Information from somebody who have no evident and direct profit from this act and had experienced product personally — is the most valuable, trusted, and highly practical information.

We propose that you participate in NoGapPromo programm and SKI.RU guranties the arrival of Revewers with consequent publication of their reports at SKI.RU and affilated groups at social networks. In order to motivate Reviewers, Resort provides 10 weekly skipasses for the next season, and as the result, you get about 50 various media publications (news, reviews, messages) with wide range of Resort’s info (lodging, cuisine, apre-ski, POI, and etc.) from trusted and well known opinion makers of SKI.RU. Estimated coverage is 500’000 per skiing season.
This will be a real information from real customers with optional SKI.RU management and control for reputation risks.
It is hard to imagine something more effective as the marketing strategy than social opinion makers reviews, except the arrival of a celebrity, and even then, it is just one person, while Reviewers are estimated in thousands and have relevant knowledge.
The obvious question:
what is the motivation of SKI.RU to do such a promotion with no apparent benefits?
The answer is:
We will gather a lot of proven and trusted information that increase attractiveness of SKI.RU.
We expand our influence by getting contacts with local businesses, and open possibilities to develop other classical advertising campaigns.
And, yes, we are not speaking about any monetary payment because SKI.RU is motivated by gathering of valuable information from Reviewers and they are highly motivated by skipasses.

Contacts and more info:

SKI.RU detailed profile>>
Advertising with us>>
CEO Jul Orlov editor@ski.ru +7 (926) 712-81-66
CMO Ksenia Golovkina marketing@ski.ru +7 (916) 810-32-76; +7 (495) 626-25-99